A downloadable game for Windows

Nautical Nonsense is a couch competitive-cooperative party game where players step into the shoes of crew members aboard rival pirate ships. The goal of the game is to fire wacky weapons, steer a whale-towed ship, and keep the ship afloat in order to defeat the other team in naval combat. The winner of each ship battle will earn a key, and the first team to gain enough keys will be able to unlock the Ultimate Treasure and win the match. Between ship battles, players dock their ships on one of 4 unique islands to gather ammunition for the next battle. Players will need to move fast, strategize, and work together to emerge triumphant and to find the Ultimate Treasure!

Xbox 360/Xbox One controllers required

2-4 Players local splitscreen (1-4 Player(s) tutorial)


_Nautical Nonsense.zip 289 MB